Whether it’s your home, office, or commercial property Apex Solar are your grid connect solar specialists.   Tim will work with you to design and install a system based on your energy needs, roof size / orientation, and budget. This will reduce your import from the grid and save money on your electricity bills. We can also help with upgrades and maintenance of existing systems, make repairs due to storm damage or relocate your system in renovations.  We do it all – because we love solar!


Stand alone, or off grid systems run independently from the mains and are a great choice if grid power is not an option for your property, or if you want to use 100% sustainable energy.  Your system will store power in your battery bank to be used whenever needed. No more electricity bills! Tim will work with you to determine the capability you need, then design and install the system accordingly using the right products on the market to suit your individual circumstances.


A hybrid system will allow you to store the excess power generated by your solar system in batteries, rather than it all going back to the grid. This allows you to use stored power when your solar system isn’t actively generating power, such as overnight or even in a blackout. You will remain connected to the grid with the option of using mains power if needed. Not ready to invest in batteries? Tim can design you a standard grid connect system in a way that will make it simple to add batteries in the future!


Don’t forget Tim is a qualified Electrician – he can do much more than just take care of your Solar needs.  Tim and his team can set up electrical wiring, home automation systems, CCTV, alarms and plenty more. He is also an Essential Energy level 2 accredited service provider so he can complete over head and underground connections / disconnections, and metering. If it’s electrical, it can be done!  Just ask us.