Office Manager

Gemma runs everything behind the scenes.  Her role is to always be there, expertly wrangling family and managing all of the administration and marketing for the business. She loves entertaining family and friends, and finding the time to hang out with her horses.



Business Owner, Electrician and Installer

Tim is a very clever chap. He’s a qualified electrician, clean energy accredited and an Essential Energy level 2 contractor (that means he’s approved to work on poles and underground with high voltage wires). After working in laser engineering all around the world, he has been running his own business for over 15 years. He continues to navigate his way through all the changes in solar and renewable energy whilst keeping his skill set up to date with the current trends.  I guess you could call him an expert! When he is not at work Tim is a social family man and motorbike enthusiast.



Apprentice Electrician and Installer

Curtis joined the Apex Solar family in 2016 as a school-based apprentice and has been rapidly expanding his knowledge and skills ever since. He works extremely hard, and enjoys down time at the beach near his home on his days off.